Welcome to the High Country SWAP SHOP on Glory 1130am

Welcome to the High Country SWAP SHOP on Glory 1130

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Call 733-2333 for more information.  If you have lost a pet or found someone else’s, check with the Humane Society.  How can you help with the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats in Avery County, CLICK HERE for more information.

Station Announcement: 11-30-2021

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

FOR SALE: Cedar Shakes, seasoned out, many loads available, asking $15/load (thrown in), $20/load (Ricked/Stacked), located in Crossnore just below the Solar Panels on Trim Branch; LOOKING FOR: Bantam Hens; Used Wood Cutting Wedges; Old Timey Ringer Washing Machine, functional, in good shape; 2 100 lb. Propane Tanks, need ASAP; call 828-504-0049

FOR SALE: Grandfather Clock, in good shape, asking $150; call 828-297-2442

FOR SALE: Stock, Toyota Tacoma Wheels, Aluminum, asking $200; call 828-260-2546

LOOKING FOR: Exercise Bike, call 828-265-6048 with information

FOR SALE: Elliptical Trainer, nearly new, asking $80, great shape, call 941-685-1764

LOOKING FOR: Glider Rocking Chair, in good condition, call 828-443-1488

FOR SALE: Beautiful Cherry bedroom dresser, very large, with 3 panel mirror.  Matching High Boy chest. Would make a very special Christmas gift.  Like new. $190…or trade. Call 828-733-9830 or 828-387-1250

Monday, November 22, 2021

FOR SALE: Motorcycle Jacket, size 44, asking $125; Corduroy pants, size 36/30, asking $10; call 828-387-1408

LOOKING FOR: Wreath making machine, would be willing to rent or buy outright. Call 828-733-5108

Friday, November 19, 2021

FOR SALE: New, Still in box, heaters, asking $40/each; call 828-467-2708

LOOKING FOR: Someone who can make some wreaths, needing ASAP, call 828-544-2744, also party needs to get in contact with Jolene Carpenter.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

LOOKING FOR: Someone to work on a scanner, call 828-387-6248

LOOKING FOR: Swing Gate that can be used to close an access road, call 828-387-6272

FOR SALE: 50 lb. bag of Cabbage, $15/bag, $2/head; 20” Girls Bicycle, $30; Howey Tree Baler, with swing cone, 9 HP Vanguard Engine, asking $3200; Fisher, double-door, Fireplace Insert, $200; 9 HP Vanguard Engine, asking $600; 5’ x 12’ Utility Trailer, asking $700 (REDUCED); 6 lug rim with Tire, 715 size, asking $50; 265-75r16 Tire, asking $80; Black Plastic Shade Cloth, asking $100, will need to be taken down; call 828-387-1408

LOOKING FOR: Old Timey Ringer Washing Machine, something functional, call with information; Bantam Hens; FOR SALE: Cedar Shakes, good for kindling. Many loads available, located in Crossnore, off Trim Branch, just below the Solar Panels, asking $15/thrown-in load, $20/Ricked, call for more information; Call 828-504-0049

FOR SALE: White Pines for Tips, 6 or 7 available, 20-25 ft. tall, easy access, selling for tips, call 828-467-0417

FOR SALE: Nice Banjo, in good shape, half of retail price, hard shell case; Nice Bass includes Amp; would sell or trade for mechanic tools, call 828-897-1881 for more information

FOR SALE: Antiques: Sewing Machine and others; Many different odds and ends, yard sale/flea market type items: Golden Eagle bookends, collectable advertising signs, etc., needing to sell; call 828-898-3429

LOOKING FOR: Deer Apples. Call 828-783-1250

FOR SALE: 27 Books total. 20 are Christian fiction books, 7 Christmas fiction books. Mostly hard backs and all in good condition. Pick up in Newland at CVS. Call 828-733-3461

FOR SALE: 5 roosters $15 for all. Call or text 828-387-7731

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

FOR SALE: Grandfather Clock, in good shape, asking $150; call 828-297-2442

FOR SALE: Stock, Toyota Tacoma Wheels, Aluminum, asking $200; call 828-260-2546

LOOKING FOR: Exercise Bike, call 828-265-2442 with information

FOR SALE: Elliptical Trainer, nearly new, asking $80, great shape, call 941-685-1764

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

FOR SALE: Remington 742 Woodsmaster 30/06, in good shape, Nikon Scope, some ammo included, asking $500; call 828-260-4173

LOOKING FOR: 20” or 30” Electric Cook Stove, call 828-448-4063

LOOKING FOR: 5-6’ 3-pt. Hitch Tractor Disc, call 828-783-1334 with any information

LOOKING FOR: Black Plastic Culvert to use to make land crossing for Bull, needing 16” to 18” diameter, 12’ to 15’ in length, call for more information; FOR SALE: Yearling Jersey Calf, eating grain/hay, price negotiable, call 828-262-3472

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

LOOKING FOR: Housing: Home, Mobile Home, Apartment for rent in area; needs ASAP; Dog Kennel, call 828-457-1636 or 828-964-4467

FOR SALE: Boxwoods for tips, located on Big Rock Creek, call for more information; Antique Shakespeare Fly Rod and Reel, fiberglass rod, asking $100; Large, Free-Standing Buck Stove, propane stove, asking $300, heavy (250 lbs); call 828-260-0309

TO GIVE: 3 Colors of Christmas Cactus, willing to offer starters to anyone who would want. Call 828-733-4622 for more information.

FOR SALE: Two holly bushes for tips, or might be able to dig if desired, call 828-260-4777 for more information

FOR SALE: Yorkiepoo puppies, call for more information, 828-387-7615

Thursday, November 4, 2021

LOOKING FOR:  Flip-Back Tonneau Cover for 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra; Pop-up Camper or small travel trailer; Looking to buy 20’-22’ ft pontoon boat, in good shape, call or text 828-429-3935

LOOKING FOR: Small, Propane Cook Stove that would fit in camper; call 828-897-1022

LOOKING FOR: Place to rent, needed as soon as possible, single, adult female, call 828-387-6022

LOOKING FOR: 2, 14” tires for a Utility Trailer, call 828-783-1250 with any information.

FOR SALE: PS4 and PS5 games, call for more information, looking to sell or trade; LOOKING FOR: Chickens and Pug Puppy, call 828-783-1191

FOR SALE: 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan, in good shape, very nice, asking $8500; call 828-260-5490

LOOKING FOR:  Good, Used ATV or Compact Tractor, for more information, call 828-265-1859

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

FOR SALE: 1956 Nash, no engine, asking $1000; 1981 Checker Taxi, 350 engine, asking $1000; 1963 Buick LeSabre, 410 Wildcat Engine, asking $1500; call 828-765-6526