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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

FOR SALE: Cedar Shakes, seasoned out, many loads available, asking $15/load (thrown in), $20/load (Ricked/Stacked), located in Crossnore just below the Solar Panels on Trim Branch; LOOKING FOR: Bantam Hens; Used Wood Cutting Wedges; Old Timey Ringer Washing Machine, functional, in good shape; 2 100 lb. Propane Tanks, need ASAP; call 828-504-0049

FOR SALE: Grandfather Clock, in good shape, asking $150; call 828-297-2442

FOR SALE: Stock, Toyota Tacoma Wheels, Aluminum, asking $200; call 828-260-2546

LOOKING FOR: Exercise Bike, call 828-265-6048 with information

FOR SALE: Elliptical Trainer, nearly new, asking $80, great shape, call 941-685-1764

LOOKING FOR: Glider Rocking Chair, in good condition, call 828-443-1488

FOR SALE: Beautiful Cherry bedroom dresser, very large, with 3 panel mirror.  Matching High Boy chest. Would make a very special Christmas gift.  Like new. $190…or trade. Call 828-733-9830 or 828-387-1250

Monday, November 22, 2021

FOR SALE: Motorcycle Jacket, size 44, asking $125; Corduroy pants, size 36/30, asking $10; call 828-387-1408

LOOKING FOR: Wreath making machine, would be willing to rent or buy outright. Call 828-733-5108

Friday, November 19, 2021

FOR SALE: New, Still in box, heaters, asking $40/each; call 828-467-2708

LOOKING FOR: Someone who can make some wreaths, needing ASAP, call 828-544-2744, also party needs to get in contact with Jolene Carpenter.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

LOOKING FOR: Someone to work on a scanner, call 828-387-6248

LOOKING FOR: Swing Gate that can be used to close an access road, call 828-387-6272

FOR SALE: 50 lb. bag of Cabbage, $15/bag, $2/head; 20” Girls Bicycle, $30; Howey Tree Baler, with swing cone, 9 HP Vanguard Engine, asking $3200; Fisher, double-door, Fireplace Insert, $200; 9 HP Vanguard Engine, asking $600; 5’ x 12’ Utility Trailer, asking $700 (REDUCED); 6 lug rim with Tire, 715 size, asking $50; 265-75r16 Tire, asking $80; Black Plastic Shade Cloth, asking $100, will need to be taken down; call 828-387-1408

LOOKING FOR: Old Timey Ringer Washing Machine, something functional, call with information; Bantam Hens; FOR SALE: Cedar Shakes, good for kindling. Many loads available, located in Crossnore, off Trim Branch, just below the Solar Panels, asking $15/thrown-in load, $20/Ricked, call for more information; Call 828-504-0049

FOR SALE: White Pines for Tips, 6 or 7 available, 20-25 ft. tall, easy access, selling for tips, call 828-467-0417

FOR SALE: Nice Banjo, in good shape, half of retail price, hard shell case; Nice Bass includes Amp; would sell or trade for mechanic tools, call 828-897-1881 for more information

FOR SALE: Antiques: Sewing Machine and others; Many different odds and ends, yard sale/flea market type items: Golden Eagle bookends, collectable advertising signs, etc., needing to sell; call 828-898-3429

LOOKING FOR: Deer Apples. Call 828-783-1250

FOR SALE: 27 Books total. 20 are Christian fiction books, 7 Christmas fiction books. Mostly hard backs and all in good condition. Pick up in Newland at CVS. Call 828-733-3461

FOR SALE: 5 roosters $15 for all. Call or text 828-387-7731

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

FOR SALE: Grandfather Clock, in good shape, asking $150; call 828-297-2442

FOR SALE: Stock, Toyota Tacoma Wheels, Aluminum, asking $200; call 828-260-2546

LOOKING FOR: Exercise Bike, call 828-265-2442 with information

FOR SALE: Elliptical Trainer, nearly new, asking $80, great shape, call 941-685-1764

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

FOR SALE: Remington 742 Woodsmaster 30/06, in good shape, Nikon Scope, some ammo included, asking $500; call 828-260-4173

LOOKING FOR: 20” or 30” Electric Cook Stove, call 828-448-4063

LOOKING FOR: 5-6’ 3-pt. Hitch Tractor Disc, call 828-783-1334 with any information

LOOKING FOR: Black Plastic Culvert to use to make land crossing for Bull, needing 16” to 18” diameter, 12’ to 15’ in length, call for more information; FOR SALE: Yearling Jersey Calf, eating grain/hay, price negotiable, call 828-262-3472

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

LOOKING FOR: Housing: Home, Mobile Home, Apartment for rent in area; needs ASAP; Dog Kennel, call 828-457-1636 or 828-964-4467

FOR SALE: Boxwoods for tips, located on Big Rock Creek, call for more information; Antique Shakespeare Fly Rod and Reel, fiberglass rod, asking $100; Large, Free-Standing Buck Stove, propane stove, asking $300, heavy (250 lbs); call 828-260-0309

TO GIVE: 3 Colors of Christmas Cactus, willing to offer starters to anyone who would want. Call 828-733-4622 for more information.

FOR SALE: Two holly bushes for tips, or might be able to dig if desired, call 828-260-4777 for more information

FOR SALE: Yorkiepoo puppies, call for more information, 828-387-7615

Thursday, November 4, 2021

LOOKING FOR:  Flip-Back Tonneau Cover for 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra; Pop-up Camper or small travel trailer; Looking to buy 20’-22’ ft pontoon boat, in good shape, call or text 828-429-3935

LOOKING FOR: Small, Propane Cook Stove that would fit in camper; call 828-897-1022

LOOKING FOR: Place to rent, needed as soon as possible, single, adult female, call 828-387-6022

LOOKING FOR: 2, 14” tires for a Utility Trailer, call 828-783-1250 with any information.

FOR SALE: PS4 and PS5 games, call for more information, looking to sell or trade; LOOKING FOR: Chickens and Pug Puppy, call 828-783-1191

FOR SALE: 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan, in good shape, very nice, asking $8500; call 828-260-5490

LOOKING FOR:  Good, Used ATV or Compact Tractor, for more information, call 828-265-1859

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

FOR SALE: 1956 Nash, no engine, asking $1000; 1981 Checker Taxi, 350 engine, asking $1000; 1963 Buick LeSabre, 410 Wildcat Engine, asking $1500; call 828-765-6526

Friday, October 29, 2021

FOR SALE: 410 Shotgun, for sale or trade; 2 boxes of 30/06 ammo, Remington, sell or trade, call 423-440-3035

FOR SALE: 2000 Work Van, needs steering column, call for information, $1500/obo; Honda SUV, $1000; Toyota Corolla, $600; call 828-387-7195

FOR SALE: Husky Brand 22-ton Wood splitter, like new, used very little, asking $1000; call 828-467-0417