praying handsPrayer is an important part of the life of a Christian, and with that in mind we here at Glory 1130 feel that it is an important thing to take our concerns before the Lord and turn it over to him. Prayer is our line of communication with God, and it is with this in mind that we offer our devotion block each morning from 8:05-8:35, and during that time we offer our prayer requests and a time to go before God in prayer. Below are a list of current prayer requests, if you have any to add please email us at or fill in information below.

PRAYER LIST (updated: 7/26/2019)

Recent Additions:

Larry and Joyce Burleson

Blossom Coleman

Marshall – Blood Clots

Paul Thompson

Mark Triplett

Beatrice Thompson

Daisy Thompson

Tommy and Jackie Cornett

Howard Hoilman, Jr.

Dorothy Wiseman

Frieda Singleton

Dane Johnson – 16 month old battling Kidney Failure

Karen Carver

Many Unspoken Requests

Chris Banner

Bud and Mike Puett

Sam Eller

Benny Johnson

Carlos Calhoun

Wanda Pritchard

Belinda Grogan

Jerica Lee Sword

Peggy Turbyfill

Penny Hughes and Sons

Dennis Church

Kenny Melton, Jr.

Roger and Francis Buchanan

Clarence Loftin, Jr

Connie Singleton

Ben Taylor

Brian Michael

Maxine and Donna Thompson

Linda and Steve Ferguson

Eugene Thompson

Daniel Thompson

Grady and Miriam Bailey

Rich and Lyn Wexell

Jackie Triplett and Wife – Health Concerns

Lois Jones

Joe Ray Buchanan

Harry and Juanita Putnam

Cecil Vance

Kim Graham – Cancer

Gary Singleton

Jay Knaack

Chad and Jessica Clark

Kent and Heather Hayes

Jim and Lena Hicks

Danny Phillips

Bobby “Goose” Lewis

Tony Shell

Pastor Black and Harvest Time Ministries

Wendy MacDonald Estes

Ernie and Donna Norwood

Charlie Varner

Continuing Needs:

Jason and Jiyea Coffey as they continue Missions in South East Asia

God’s continued guidance for our staff and this station.

Community/Country Needs:

Service Men and Women

Community Leaders (Commissioners, Service Personnel (EMS, Fire, Sheriff/PD Officers))

Country and Leaders

Local Ministries/Churches and Leaders

To send us a prayer request fill in your information below:







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