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The Pregnancy Resource Centre of Jamaica (PRCJ) is a tax-exempt, non-profit, non-government organization with offices operating out of The Victory Building, Shop 14A, 3-5 Fort St, Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica. We envision a world where people embrace all human life as sacred from conception to natural death; where children are valued and protected; a world where selective abortion and child sex trafficking are abolished. We seek to defend pre-born babies and holistically empower marginalized girls/young women to be overcomers:

  • Those at-risk of pregnancy/trafficking
  • Those unprepared for pregnancy
  • Those rescued from trafficking who desire life-change

Through Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration services, we demonstrate Christ’s love and character as the change-agents they need, educating and training them for a better future, while equipping leaders to do the same.

Our Prevention Service is our endeavor to reduce incidences of HIV/AIDS and other STI’s, as well as ‘unplanned’ pregnancies, abortions and the attending trauma. We proactively promote a positive, realistic and relevant message of sexual purity, using value-based True Love Waits (TLW) Curriculum. Educational presentations and discussions are done in Churches/Schools programs, geared towards Parents, Counselors, Youths and their leaders. Our Daughters by Design Program empowers young women to recognize their power as God’s daughters.   In addition we bring awareness of the very real fact of human trafficking in our communities. We have found a direct link with Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST), and many teen pregnancies. We extend our work from in-centre counselling and training, to involvement and participating in presentations/training within Churches, Schools, Youth Groups, outdoor Health Fairs and Weekend Retreats.

Through our Intervention Service we reach abortion-vulnerable teens with free pregnancy testing, ultrasound services, confidential counseling, friendship and support. Additionally, teens (whatever their status-male and female) are informed about the risks involved in early sexual behaviors, and we challenge and empower them to value self and embrace purity. Teens at risk of human trafficking, or are pregnant and at risk of abortion or homeless are helped, conditionally, through our short-term residential program. A most recent addition is our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) Program for young parents, added by friends at Avery Baptist Church and PRC in North Carolina. At this location, clients participate in their own learning/advancement and earn ‘Baby Bucks’ (from us), with which they are able to purchase baby items from our baby store.

Our Restoration Service is the healing dimension especially needed by those traumatized by poor personal choices or for those who have been violated.   Compassion, mercy and forgiveness bring restoration to individuals and often families. Grief recovery is a technical name applied to this aspect of the ministry, for often the self-rejection, pain and shame related to abortion and sexual abuse run so deep that persons need help to overcome and become Victors.

PRCJ provides love, support, and empowerment primarily for teens/young women and their families:

  • Training leaders to empower youth to make healthy sexual decisions using True Love Waits curriculum
  • Provide one-on-one free pregnancy testing/STD counselling/Ultrasound [as needed]
  • Pre/post-abortion and pregnancy counselling/Grief Recovery
  • In-Centre Evangelism/Spiritual discussions
  • Daughters by Design School of leadership development and empowerment
  • Presentations: Church, Schools, and Youth Group Presentations
  • EWYL program – provide young parents with practical/material assistance through their own learning.
  • Provide structured, sponsored housing for up to six young women [and possible attending baby] who are abortion-vulnerable*/at risk of human trafficking
  • Presentations: Donors, partners, ministry friends

[*Pregnant/at risk of pregnancy, and abortion-minded]

Hebron House is the residential/training/empowerment arm of the PRCJ; a temporary housing facility or transitional program for clients with an urgent need for alternative living arrangements. Research in Jamaica by Shared Hope International [who help PRCJ with Hebron] has shown that a staggering percentage of our girls are involved in Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST). Many girls are being ‘put out’ by their mothers to men who in turn sponsor the mothers and the rest of the family financially. Pregnancy is never welcome in this arrangement.

One of the ways that PRCJ helps to reduce this overwhelming number while producing victors from the victimized, is to provide up to six young ladies at a time with a positive alternative: Jesus Christ – our Change Agent. They receive compassionate care, training and life-skills that equip them for transition back to their families or to independent living. The need has been so great so we have had up to nine girls and six babies at a time.

Our main aims are outlined as follows:

  • House approximately six qualified* young women to bring about life changes in keeping with healthy sexual and pro-life objectives.
  • Bring about a life change in young women by introducing them and helping them sustain a relationship with Jesus Christ, using Christ-like role-models and Christ-centred counselling and interventions
  • Create a family atmosphere at Hebron House, exposing the clients to a model of loving Christian family.
  • Encourage an in-house program that instills the discipline residents will need for any meaningful life-change (while protecting her and her [pre-born] child where applicable)
  • End the cycles of self-defeating behaviours in the lives of these young women
  • Equip them with knowledge, life skills, and attitudes that will enable them to care for their children, develop a budget, earn a living, and fit as good citizens into their community.

Beyond providing room and board at no cost to them, they receive further education, counselling, health care, parenting training/adoption assistance, as well as spiritual support. This is interlaced with prayer, love, guidance and protection for the duration of their stay

Accomplishments through PRCJ

Since our launch, August 8, 2006, we have seen increased growth and community awareness on the subject of foetal development, abortions, and STDs. We have forged alliances, locally, as far East as Kingston, St Thomas, and Portland saving lives. We also advocated against the legalization of abortion in Jamaica, to our Parliament, and in meetings across the island, with respect to the Abortion Policy Advisory Group (APRAG) recommendations.   Thousands of adults and students have responded positively to the message of the Sanctity of Human Life, and Sexual Purity. They have been exposed to new knowledge about the magnificent feats of the pre-born child, the realities of abortion, and the relationship of pregnancy and trafficked children in our society. We have also participated in School events, Health Fairs and Exhibitions with the intent of empowering our local communities.

             PRCJ/Hebron has participated in the following up to present

  • In-house counselling: Over 90% of pregnant abortion-minded girls/women desiring an abortion changed their minds. Less than 5% of saved babies released for adoption.
  • Empowering over 100 girls through temporary housing – majority receiving skills training
  • Empowering leaders with Stewardship, Abstinence, Daughters by Design, and Abortion Recovery training
  • Empowering young parents to pursue purpose, value self and children for personal advancement
  • Partnering with other life-preserving, prayer-focused ministries


What support are we asking of you?

  • Prayer: Consistent, committed, intentional prayers (let us know if you want to join our team)
  • Financial: One time, short-term, or consistent donations
    • o [NB. Care per resident – can be split among sponsors – is approximately USD 500 per month. Feel free to join with someone/others to sponsor a Hebron resident]
    • o Help us to provide permanence for Hebron and own the house we now rent/or own another. Selling Price is USD550,000
    • o NEW: The Malachi Fund – providing for children in our care who are in need of education etc.
  • In-kind: We need Motor Vehicle, land, house, food, clothing, and supplies. A bus/van is urgent as traveling expenses are very high, and taxiing all residents, esp. in crisis, is not cost effective.
  • Networking: Connect us with organizations/individuals with similar vision (this prevents re-inventing the wheel and facilitates sharing of resources). Additionally we need a PRCJ Webpage
  • People Resources – Be an ambassador for us: arrange informal speaking engagements with your friends
    • o Refer young persons in pregnancy/relationship/at-risk of trafficking crises to us

How to Donate: (See banking Information next page)

  • v Cheques made payable to Pregnancy Resource Centre of Jamaica may be mailed to the above address, and cheque/cash directly deposited to our account 
  • v Other gifts (in-kind)), please call us to arrange pickup/delivery

 US friends, you may receive Tax benefits from donations if they are made through Faith and Learning International selecting the project Youth Enhancement Services. Should you use this service, please send a note to to let us know about your gift.


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