Wednesday, May 5, 2021

FOR SALE: Shriners taking silent bids on a 2000 Honda Accord that was donated to help raise funds for their mission. Send any bids to: Avery Co. Shriners, c/o Tony Luther, PO Box 1294, Linville, NC 28646

FOR RENT: 2 BR/2 BA House for rent, located at bottom of Hwy 181 near Morganton, beautiful area, 2.5 miles below Steele Creek Park, available this week, call 828-448-4063 or 828-437-6215 for more information

FOR SALE: Heat Pump and A/C unit for home; White Colored Entertainment Center; Weedeater, asking $60; call 828-387-6248 for more information

About Phillip Greene

There is something to be said about serving the One, True God. I love knowing that I have a place to go when the world seems to come against me full force. I am blessed to be a minister- called to share the Gospel to the world.

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