Monday, May 18, 2020

FOR SALE: Male Ring Neck Pheasant, cheap; Boxwoods, around 30 available, need to be dug and removed, call for information; Steam Trunk, all parts needed, asking $150, call for more; Cinder blocks, few remaining, asking that you call, make offer, and pick up; 3 Door China Cabinet, call for information; Call 828-260-0309

FOR SALE: Sleeper Sofa, $50; Dresser w/Mirror, $30; Bed Frame, $20; LOOKING FOR: Red Potatoes, call 828-387-1408

LOOKING FOR: 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, mobile home or just 2 bedrooms for rent in the near future. Will need it for about 2 to 3 months. Up to $500.00 per month only, please. FOR SALE: Tall, large, red rhododendron for sale. Need to dig. Will take several people to move. For more info, call Chuck at 828-387-5803. Come look at it and make an offer

LOOKING FOR: Someone to work as a carpenter will offer hourly pay, must have Driver’s License and Transportation, call 828-964-7851

LOOKING FOR: Thickness Planer, table mounted, call 828-260-0807 for more information

FOR SALE: 4-Ten Speed Bicycles, in good shape, asking $25/each; Travel Camper, in good shape, asking $700, call 828-467-0417

FOR SALE: Matching Blue Couch and Chair, $200; Upholstered arm chair, ivory and floral, $40; All in good condition, call 828-766-6330

About Phillip Greene

There is something to be said about serving the One, True God. I love knowing that I have a place to go when the world seems to come against me full force. I am blessed to be a minister- called to share the Gospel to the world.

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