Tuesday, March 24, 2020

FOR SALE: Ring Neck Pheasants, Roosters only, great deal; Boxwoods, make offer, dig by June, call 828-260-0309 for more information

FOR SALE: 200-gallon Agrotech Tree Sprayer, barn kept, asking $1700; Landscape Timbers, 8-ft. lengths, 4×4 square, asking $7/each; Blender, in good shape, $20; Westlo Cardio Glide Exercise Machine, $40; John Deere LT133 Riding Mower, 13 HP Kohler Engine, Fixerupper, asking $300; 235-55r16 tire, good tread, asking $15; Toyo Stove, DC100 Kerosene Heater, $90; 5 Temp. Spare Tires from Misc. vehicles, asking $50/all, must buy all; Dresser with Mirror, $25/REDUCED; 2 Chrome Step Bumpers, $125/each; Horse Drawn Cultivator, could be drawn behind a 4-wheeler, $125; Small Sewing Machine, crank type, asking $20; Wooden Pallets, $5, misc sizes available; Two Row Cultivator, asking $300, pulled by 30 HP or higher Tractor; Two Row Cabbage or Tobacco Setter, $300; Other Misc. Farming Equipment,  call 828-387-1408

LOOKING FOR: Building Materials: T-111 Board, 2×4, 2×6, Plywood, etc. Needed for building out-building (10 x 10 or 10 x 12), call 828-504-0049 with any information

FOR SALE: Set of tires, Hancook, 175-65r14 tires off Chevy Prism, asking $150/all, call 828-742-1336

LOOKING FOR: RAM Ministries needs Boxes to hand out foods and things to the community, if you have any, please call for more information

About Phillip Greene

There is something to be said about serving the One, True God. I love knowing that I have a place to go when the world seems to come against me full force. I am blessed to be a minister- called to share the Gospel to the world.

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